Lift platform from Cars and People on board DHC

The best solution for a vertical movement of cars with passengers on board.

The lift platform for cars and people on board is the best solution for a vertical movement of cars with passengers on board.

One of the mean feature of each product is that all pieces are screwed, obtained an easy method of carry and assembly. It has a big comfort of movement and its adapts to a minimum space.

General Characteristics

  • Measure under order
  • Floor with antiskid rubber
  • Alarm button
  • Emergency light in cabin button panels
  • Modulate panel for easy assembly/dismantle
  • Braille buttons
  • Phone (2 units)

Technical Characteristics

  • Capacity of charge: 2500Kg
  • Round until 12m
  • Minimum pit 320mm
  • Power motor: 5,5CV or 7,5CV
  • Triphase (230/400)
  • Unlimited stops
  • Speed: 0,09m/s or 0,13m/s
  • Hydraulic unit with progressive valve, manual pump and close key

Security Systems

  • Mechanical grip gear and wire loosening
  • Hydraulic grip gear
  • Cut the electric board for wire loosening
  • Emergency battery in case of failure on the electrical supply
  • Electric level
  • Security timer end of round
  • Alarm push button
  • Emergency light
  • Electric and mechanic limit of overround
  • Charge pressure switch
  • Stop button
  • Photoelectric cell


  • Remote control
  • Manual or automatic doors
  • Emergency phone with call to 24h service

Platform lift manufactured in accordance with the provisions of the Machinery Directive 98/37/EC and Directive 2006/42/EC.