Electric Homelift DHE

The best electrical solution to overcome the architectural barriers in vertical position

DHE Electric Platform lift, with great facility of installation and an innovative design, is the technological solution more practice and reliable for the beating of architectural barriers in vertical position. With a great comfort of displacement, is adaptable to private or public use.
It doesn’t need oil and has a low electrical consumption.

General Characteristics

  • Cabin with ceiling
  • Dimensions under order
  • Nonskid floor
  • Alarm button
  • Temporized roof light
  • Decoration mirror
  • Modular panels
  • Horizontal or vertical button panel
  • Devices of command with lighting
  • Phone inside the cabin
  • Banister

Technical Characteristics

  • Load capacity: 400Kg
  • Maximum round: 25m
  • Normalized pit: 250mm
  • Motor power: 2CV (1,5 Kw)
  • Supply: Single phase
  • Unlimited stops
  • Speed: 0,15m/s
  • Minimum escape: 2300mm
  • Electrical traction by toothed belt
  • Maneuver with electronic plate not reprogrammable

Security Systems

  • Brake by excess of speed
  • Cut of maneuver by slackening of belt
  • Rescue system by cut of electric fluid
  • Timer of security end of round
  • Alarm push button
  • Emergency light

Platform lift made agreed a disposition of machines directive 2006/42/CE, directive 89/336/CE (Electromagnetic compatibility), directive 73/23/CE (Low power), pr EN 81/41

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